Hello everybody! And welcome to my author page, I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about me.

I am currently a romance author with the motto "Love Worth Fighting For" meaning even though there is a HEA there's always an obstacle in their way...and some of the time some one ends up inured or hurt.

My library includes a paranormal series, contemporary, and dark romances. But my options are endless as the ideas come to light.

And if you have a suggestion feel free to let me know!


I am excite to announce that ALL my books are WIDE!

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THE SANDMAN placed 3rd in the AllAuthor contest!!!!! Ryker and I thank you!


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I am currently working with my best friend to come up with some unique pieces inspired by characters from my books so stay tuned for the big reveal!

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BOUND TO YOU (#1 of the Bound Series)

Paranormal romance, fated mates


I'm just a small town girl

Living in a small town world...

Isn't that the song? Oh well.

I'm doing what I love, painting my heart out, but...

There's something missing...

I draw to forget the pain

The embarrassment, the heartache

All my love goes into painting Phoenix

To me, he's my perfect muse...

Too bad he isn't real *sigh* 


My first priority is my pack

The strong and fearless Cheshire Pack

But honestly, something very important is missing in

my life

SHE'S missing

My Luna...my muse

I dream of her every night and draw her during the day

Yet, I never see her face

I need my other half to be whole

I hear him whimper for her, my wolf Phoenix

I need her, too buddy, more than you know.

BOUND BY DESTINY (#2 of the Bound Series)

Sequel, fated mates


Don't let the sweet face fool you

I'm about to rule this pack with my brother

And we'll do anything to keep our Dad's legacy

Speaking of legacy...it's good to be one

To have not one creature guiding you, but two

I am my mother's child with a fearless wolf and a spitfire

witch to guide me through life but...

I'm envious of my parent's and their love

I want that I crave that bond of my mate...

Where is he?


I've kept it a secret for all the wrong reasons

I shouldn't be lying

Not to them

Especially not to her...

I screwed up bad and now, I don't know if I can fix it

What scares me more is when she finds out...

Will she even want me anymore?

I have to fight this

It does more harm than good and I need her.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY NESSA (#3 of the Bound Series)

Paranormal romance, character backstory


I love the single girl life...partying, dancing, shots, and


Yes, I do have a mate

I'm just not...actively looking

Of course sooner or later, he'll collect his prize

But can't I have some fun before settling down?

But just a warning... Don't. Cross. Me.

Or you'll have the unfortunate luck of meeting my wolf


Or worse, Calliope, my even shorter tempered silver


Either way, their vindictive streak is vicious

Anyway, I'm just enjoying the small town life in a big

city way

Who knows, when my Prince finds his Princess, he

better bring a good bottle of whiskey and some shot

glasses because the party doesn't stop until there's a

ring on my finger!

Or does it? Good luck to him!


Motorcycle club romance


F*** love

Simple as that

Never did me any good

I loved one time and she's dead

I just need my brothers and my bike

I don't need no drama I got enough dealing with Johnny

It's his fault she's dead

And so help me if it's the last thing I do I will see him take his final breath

Peace treaty my ass


That son of a bitch just left me here

No money, no car, and no way out

I shouldn't have trusted him especially with my heart

Now I'm stuck in the middle of New Mexico

Working my way to get enough to leave this hell hole

All I am here is another toy they can play with but I'm

not interested

I don't need another man I need a way out

All was going great until a brawl broke out between that

bastard Johnny and the Black Aces


Dark, paranormal romance 


I bring death to this sleepy little town

But I am not the bad guy,

Or maybe I am...

I made a decision that cost me my life and knowing

what I know...

I damn sure would do it again

My regret isn't what I did

It's what I didn’t get to do

No point in dwelling on it

I've got a job to do

And that's putting the truly evil to sleep

They call me Sandman...


I'm living a fairytale

Perfect job and the guy of my dreams

Nobody's perfect...

He has his flaws but nothing that'll keep me from saying "I do"

I think...

I love this man enough to overlook his small indiscretions

As long as I don't get hurt, it's ok...right?

I've dreamt of a perfect life like this

So why is it starting to feel like a nightmare?

I thought the Sandman was suppose to bring sweet



Motorcycle Club Anthology

UNAVAILABLE but Wrecked will release SOON

We are the Merciless Few MC, an outlaw club hell-bent

on saving those good souls tormented and abused using

any means necessary. When you ride with the men of

the Merciless Few, loyalty and respect are earned.  But

will love open their hearts or break them?  Join our

chapters as we take you on a thrill ride you’ll never

forget.  Fourteen talented authors have joined together

to write their own unique stories about a brotherhood

of alpha bad boy bikers!  All proceeds from this

anthology are going to Bikers Against Child Abuse B.A.C.A.


Crashed and burned


My relationship, my life, my bike

All turned upside down

But I needed to get my bike back in gear

She's the only one I need

No woman was going to ever change that

No woman was going to make me crash and burn again

My club is my sole focus

Until her...and that cute little tater tot daughter

I'm going to protect them from whatever, including family

Now I wonder...

If I open up, will she wreck my life?


A Lies & Secrets Production presents:


Dark romance

EMBER (Emmy)

Why am I on a site like this?

Simple, my roommates.

My real life is a façade

I want to be told I'm a good girl

To be disciplined when wrong

To explore all my curiosities

I want to be the perfect submissive as much as he wants

to dominate me

But there's something he's hiding

How can I trust him as my dom if he can't trust me with

who he is?


Colin, that's who I am today

A persona that isn't even real

Locked the real me away before my first kill

After almost 20 years pulling the trigger, I think about

life on the outside

And it starts with this website

I thought it was all wrong until I met her

She's what I want as a submissive

We are learning this lifestyle together

Until she wanted to know more about me...

How do I make her understand?

If something happens to her, I'll set this world on fire

DARK FATE: A CHRISTIAN TALE (#4 of the Bound Series)




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